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for space and life since 1995.

You are welcome to share my world of expression and see how the meeting becomes, visually and emotionally, as artbysommer becomes part of your reality.

I create art for individuals, companies and public environments.

Have You ever invested in NFT-art?

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Art, life and death

Nothing goes as fast as a couple of years and it's now we live .. not then. Take a step into art history and enjoy your choices.

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Live with expression

A work of art is a statement, a friend over the years or something that adorns your home or garden.                                                 

Make a statement

Jokum Sommer

is my name

With the experience and the various tools that I have learned to master, I feel free to create not only in oil, concrete and metal but also create crossower art, where the digital world meets dirty analog hands. Free-techniques where nothing is impossible .. 

Have You ever invested in NFT-art?  Non-fungible token, NFT, is a special type of crypto technology that is used in the sale and ownership of digital art, among other things. There has been digital art since digitalisation was introduced in the 1960s, but it is only now with the new blockchain technology that one can ensure that the work is an original and thus differs from the copies.

In the art world, where the market for NFTs is more established, the “CryptoPunk 7804” was sold for the equivalent of about $ 7.6 million in Ethereum, a record for any computer-generated artwork, according to Georg Bak, a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.

All You have to do is decide to click the green button below. See how you can create with art in your living spaces to feel good, send messages or provide better conditions in your work environment.

expressions and materials

Art for installations, public decorations or private environments


Oil and Acrylic

On canvas canvas, the colors open visual windows to the inner and outer world. In sizes for smaller or larger locations.

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Concrete and Bronze

The work is created directly in concrete or through the process with originals in clay with gypsum casting which is then cast in bronze or iron for its final shape.

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Digital and Crossower art

Expressions where the digital world meets dirty analog hands. Free-techniques where nothing is impossible ..  NFT-art is now reality! 

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